Cleveleys Spiritualist Church History

4th May 1946

The Beginning

Cleveleys Church opened its doors on 4th May 1946 on Victoria Road, Cleveleys in a rented room in the arcade opposite the Regal Hotel. A "Building Fund" bank account was opened at Martins Bank Ltd., Cleveleys on that date by Mrs Annie Gorse and Mr James William Woodward with a deposit cheque of £30.
1953 - 1958

Move to Cleveleys Avenue

Between 1953 & 1958 the Church moved to a rented premises in Cleveleys Avenue, which consisted of a double fronted shop with small hallway, kitchen and toilet. The rent was set at a nominal amount of £5 a week as the premises was owned by a gentleman, who was a member of the church. The Church and its congregation enjoyed this benefit for a number of years but after the gentleman passed away the rent was increased to £55 per week. It was then agreed by the Committee and Members that we should make every effort to find a building more suitable and more affordable to house the Church. With this as their goal, all the members set about raising money and eventually, after a great deal of work and commitment by everyone associated to the Church the sum of £6000 was raised.

Legacy from Mrs Jessie Lupton

In 1982/3 the Church received a legacy from the late Mrs Jessie Lupton, a keen member of the Church, who donated the sale monies from her bungalow, which amounted to £16,000, to be used to purchase a suitable premises for the Church so that it would be established for all time with its own location. With the capital sum of £22,000 we looked for that location and on 28th July 1982 went for Planning Permission for 'Change of Use' on 93 Beach Road, Cleveleys. The SNU supported us on this planning application to the Planning Department of the local Council and eventually we moved in on the 19th January 1983
1984 - Present Time

Since that time there are many members who have worked very hard and dedicated their time to keeping this little Church open, many of them are in Spirit now but they have left a legacy for all to enjoy!! The Church remains at 93 Beach Road to this day and its little congregation is going stronger than ever and its work in the local community is far reaching. There are many we ALL have to thank for the benefits of our little Church and we Bless them for their endeavors. Love and Light to ALL


12.30pm – 1.30pm

Freewill donation

Healing has been practised for hundreds, even thousand of years in many communities and countries. Throughout the world many people are dedicated to helping others using healing, through prayer or by the “laying of hands”.

The source of healing is divine energy, working in and through those that channel it. The healing energy seeks the wholeness of the patient by bringing mind, body and spirit into harmony, releasing the inbuilt curative powers of the body. Healing is non-invasive, no treatment is applied to the body by the practitioner of healing.

Spiritual healing is complementary to orthodox medicine and aims to work in co-operation with the medical profession. The aim is to try and restore harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

You don’t have to be ill to receive healing, everybody is welcome.

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Event Date 14-02-2018 12:30 pm
Event End Date 14-02-2018 1:30 pm
Cleveleys Spiritualist Church
93 Beach Rd, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire FY5 1EW, UK
Cleveleys Spiritualist Church
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